Art is not about  thinking something up.   It is the opposite --  getting something down


Quote: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  Welcome to my website.  Born in Montreal, and lived in Toronto for many years, I have finally settled in a small town just about one hour east of Toronto called Port Hope in Ontario.   It is known for its lovingly restored 19 th  century homes, excellent salmon fishing along the Ganaraska River, the Capital Theatre – one of Canada’s last remaining atmospheric theatres and a historic site and we have “Float your Fanny Down the Ganny” and more. I am self-taught, but have relied on many videos and online lessons to help me learn better techniques or tricks of the trade.  I started painting with oils back in 1972, and lately have been trying to learn watercolors along with urban sketching.   It has started me back into my art world which I have put on hold for several years now.  I am excited to see where this leads me.
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