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Maggie Graham

Painting It is all about trying to get something down on canvas.   Catching that specific time and place and making it a gift.  I usually gravitate to figures in my paintings or portraits, but have found the occasional landscape for the beauty and emotional power. Photography I love catching that instant moment for special memories.  It is not until you look back at the many saved pictures and photographs that you realize all the good time and fun times that you have had.  It is a memory of our lives.   It is the ability to catch a moment in your eyes and then make it so with the camera.  The difference, is that a painter can work completely from imagination, but a camera gives you the actual facts. Urban Sketching I actually fell across this by accident and have fallen in love with it.  It is both imagination and actual, it is less precise and more artistic.  It tells the story and has movement and color.  I have just picked this up a little while ago and really enjoying the freedom of drawing without restrictions.   It is not as easy as it looks, but with more practice... I hope to be good at this.